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Riza Nugraha

Riza Nugraha

Riza has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Bogor Agricultural University Indonesia. He has a technical background in Java programming and developed himself more into user interface and front-end area. He is technically skilled in J2EE, MVC frameworks, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and Oracle database. He has been working on many IT project in different scales from research institutions to an international IT consultant.

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TranSMART Boston Hackathon : Glued together the dispersed features

March 20, 2014 | By Riza Nugraha 0
“Hackathon?” the guy behind the immigration desk at Amsterdam Airport immediately raised his left eyebrow when we told him about our purpose of visit to US. Yes, it was the TranSMART Boston Hackathon; the joint collaboration between the open source[…]
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