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Sander Tan

Sander Tan

Sander holds a bachelor degree in Bèta-Gamma with a major in Biomedical Sciences (University of Amsterdam), after which he mastered in Bioinformatics (VU, Amsterdam). For several years Sander continued to work in academia at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, where he researched epigenetics in primate brain evolution. With experience of working on both the experimental and computational side of biomedical research, he joined The Hyve as data scientist in 2016.

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CIViC in cBioPortal

August 07, 2017 | By Sander Tan 0
CIViC, a resource for clinical interpretation of cancer variants, was added to cBioPortal by The Hyve. In the decade of precision medicine, accurate and clinically relevant information on variants in cancer patients is extremely important. This[…]
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