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Irina Pulyakhina

Irina Pulyakhina

Irina received her bachelor in bioengineering and bioinformatics at Moscow State University and came to the Netherlands to continue her studies in bioinformatics at Leiden University Medical Centre, where she received her MSc in metagenomics in 2011 and her PhD in transcriptomics in 2015. After a postdoc at the University of Oxford, where she focused on the epigenetic landscape as a possible contributor to the development of arthritis, she came back to the Netherlands and joined the Hyve in 2016 to work on data analysis.

Recent Posts

The Hyve ISO 27001 certified!

November 07, 2017 | By Irina Pulyakhina 0
We are happy to announce that we have received the ISO 270001 certificate on October 30 2017!   ISO 270001 is a quality standard that lists the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an “Information[…]
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Personal Health Train Workshop

January 03, 2017 | By Irina Pulyakhina 0
On 10 November The Hyve attended the personal health train workshop in Utrecht, which was organized for the active members of and all parties interested in the Personal Health Train (PHT) initiative.
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Health RI 2016

December 12, 2016 | By Irina Pulyakhina 0
We recently visited Health RI, a conference on research infrastructure, personalized medicine and health care. Organized by BBMRI-NL, ELIXIR-NL, EATRIS-NL, DTL, FHI and FMS, and with The Hyve being one of the sponsors, the conference focused on the[…]
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ECCB 2016 - European Conference on Computational Biology

September 13, 2016 | By Irina Pulyakhina 0
Recently we participated in yet another major scientific conference, ECCB 2016, 15th European Conference on Computational Biology, which is considered the main computational event in 2016. Our sponsorship was very welcome and facilitated the[…]
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