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Save the date: FAIRplus Innovation and SME Forum, 29 January 2020, Hinxton, UK

November 07, 2019 | By Trang Le

The first FAIRplus Innovation and SME Forum will be held on 29 January 2020 at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, UK. The event is aimed at companies working with life science data, companies planning to provide FAIRification services, and anyone interested in FAIRification of data.

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The main goal of the event is to present the first outcomes of FAIRplus project and hear from companies providing FAIR data solutions about their experience. Besides, participants will learn about the FAIRplus Fellowship programme which offers comprehensive FAIR data training, including a short stay at one of FAIRplus consortium partners. See Full programme and register for free.



The Hyve & FAIRplus 

The IMI FAIRplus project aims to change the way life science data is managed and shared. The Innovative Medicine Initiative itself has a total budget of €5.3 billion and has launched over 100 individual projects across all areas of pharmaceutical research and drug development. However, data from these projects are often stored in "isolated silos," and rarely used outside the projects that generated the data. The goal of FAIRplus is to unite these silos and make it easier for researchers to find and access relevant data and integrate them into their own research.

The Hyve has been actively involved in the FAIR movement in the past years (here you will find all our blog posts on FAIR). We are convinced that the FAIR principles should become commonplace for anyone in life science and pharma research dealing with (large amounts of) data.

Within FAIRplus we are, amongst others, involved in developing the guidelines and tools that will enable putting the FAIR principles into practice. To develop these documents and procedures we currently help out researchers to make their data more FAIR.  


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