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Dionne Zaal

Dionne Zaal

Dionne did her bachelor in bio-informatics at the University of Applied Sciences in Leiden and graduated in July 2015. She decided to continue a master in bio-informatics and systems biology at Wageningen University and started in September 2015. During her previous internships Dionne set up a pipeline for genotyping of a certain locus and dove into statistical methods to remove batch effects from RNAseq datasets. In August 2017 she finished her Master and continued working at The Hyve as Data Scientist.

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Downloading data from the cBioportal Oncoprint view

March 09, 2018 | By Dionne Zaal 0
The OncoPrint view in cBioPortal is a user friendly visualization for genetic alterations. All types of data from a cancer genomic study are integrated in the OncoPrint view: in one overview you can see mutations, expression levels and copy number[…]
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