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Janneke Schoots

Janneke Schoots

Janneke has a bachelor in Biomedical Science, and MSc degree in Public Health at VU Amsterdam. Janneke has extensive experience in data modeling and ontologies. At The Hyve, she is responsible for project management and translating user wishes into specific requirements, keeping track of priorities during the development process, writing user manuals and training of user groups. With her Public Health background she is able to dive into all kinds of clinical data, and contribute by thinking from an end-user perspective.

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Data collection within IMI Translocation

June 23, 2010 | By Janneke Schoots 0
We are happy to announce that The Hyve has become partner in yet another IMI project: ND4BB Translocation ( The New Drugs 4 Bad Bugs (ND4BB) initiative is a series of programmes designed to address some of the[…]
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