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Piotr Zakrzewski

Piotr Zakrzewski

Piotr has a joint bachelor degree in Biotechnology and Computer science and Masters degree in Molecular Biology (Bioinformatics group). Before joining The Hyve, he worked at DSM Biotechnology Centre in Delft as a Bioinformatician, where he was responsible for developing pipelines for data analysis in Python, analysing NGS data and extending LIMS system in Java.

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CTMM TraIT presents tranSMART Data Download Portal for The Maastricht Study

November 11, 2015 | By Piotr Zakrzewski 0
One of challenges  we had to tackle this year for one our customers, The Maastricht Study, was building a Data Download Portal for tranSMART. TranSMART allows you to export all the data just fine by itself, so you might ask why would you need a[…]
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