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Health-RI, a conference about going from today to tomorrow

December 07, 2017 | By Jarno van Erp

On the 8th Logo_HealthRI_RGB-01.jpgof december 2017 the Health-RI 2017 conference will take place, a conference organised to accomplish the mission of personalized medicine and health.

It will be an amazing event where you can share ideas, knowledge, expertise and discuss how you want to contribute. So that we can streamline these ideas and make this dream come true in one, organised Health Research Infrastructure.

Curious about which topics will be present? Take a look here.

We at the Hyve will be there, presenting our contributions, ideas and dreams on:

  • Podium, a new request portal developed with BBMRI. Scalable and flexible. 
  • TranSMART, with longitudinal data and sample support and a new UI better than ever before.
  • Radar-CNS, providing real world data through wearables for your research.
  • FAIR Research Data Management, facilitating all your needs concerning your data.

    So are you interested in one of these, or do you just want to chat? Do not hesitate to start a conversation and please tell us how you want to help realise the dream!